You - your health - your community

agents of change in preventing chronic disease

We love what we do. Baton Health®  is an approved provider of evidence-based health improvement programming partnering with community-based agents of change.  Together, we are changing normal by improving wellness, promoting the right for all to live healthily, preventing disease, and prolonging life through organized efforts and informed choices. At Baton Health®, the artistry of living well and the need for change, pairs with our data-driven, cross-sectoral approach creating a meaningful experience that is trusted and proven effective for the long-term. We know healthier people thrive in living, learning, praying, playing and tackling big ideas - and in this thriving, healthier people are changing normal, together. . . and it's time.

More About Our Story

The human story is writing itself now - In you, your family, your place of work, your community and beyond.  Each person’s right to thrive well is significant and adds meaning to humanity’s bigger story both in the present and future.

Contributing to 70% of deaths worldwide, chronic diseases and conditions are preventable and conflict with our basic human right to live well and thrive. 

You are an agent of change.

We are doers who seek to support agents of change.

We invite you into the adventure of addressing the leading cause of death and disability in the United States and beyond.  We know and believe chronic diseases and conditions are preventable and we know YOU are needed.  We look forward to delivering our proven support to you personally so you can thrive (at home, work, and beyond) and participate actively in writing a new chapter into the story of humanity; a chapter free of chronic diseases and the conditions that cause them -- where every person thrives and we move forward, together.  

Living well now is about more than our own well-being, it's about the next generation and unlocking human potential.

As your partner in health improvement, we commit to equipping you with sustainable and proven skills of health behavior change.

We commit to delivering the "best in the industry" program partnerships, support and science so you can improve your health and unlock your potential.

Thrive more -  Join us.