We love what we do. And we believe that Health and Education are the perfect partners in unlocking potential and transforming our world equitably. Baton Health®  is an approved provider of evidence-based health improvement programming designed to meet the needs of all people at their stage of change.  We know healthier people thrive in living, learning, praying, playing and tackling big ideas - and in this thriving, healthier people are changing normal, together. . . and it's time.

More About Our Story

The human story is writing itself now - In you, your family, your place of work, your community and beyond. Each person’s right to thrive well is significant and adds meaning to humanity’s bigger story both in the present and future.

Our story began with a belief that preventing the onset of chronic non-communicable disease via proven and sustainable lifestyle behavior change methods targeting weight management could be affordable, effective and lasting for all. From belief came action. From action came partnerships. And from partnerships came community-based change.

Baton Health ® is pursuing the challenging but meaningful work of partnering the delivery of evidence-based lifestyle medicine supports with community to participate in the goal of eradicating the practices associated with the onset of preventable chronic diseases. Why? Contributing to 70% of deaths worldwide, chronic diseases and conditions are preventable and conflict with our basic human right to live well, learn and thrive. 

We equip groups of people with evidence-based tools proven to accelerate sustainable health and well-being change.

We are doers in support of Whole Child and Whole Community Initiatives and Efforts.

We invite you into the adventure of becoming a part of Changing Normal and joining others in addressing the leading cause of death and disability in the United States and beyond. It's time for change. It's time for health and learning to partner. It's time for a new chapter for humanity; one free of chronic diseases, the conditions that cause them and the limitations chronic diseases place on large groups of people.

We believe in all people thriving and moving forward, together.  

Join us.

Baton Health ® is a licensed provider of Stanford Health Behavior Change Programming, member of the International School Health Network and Official Supporter of Global Health Initiatives addressing the Whole Child. We believe in improving the world by providing evidence-based support that inspires people to seek out knowledge, to ask questions, and to connect with others in the attempt to live health and well as individuals and community.

You - your health - your community