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Powerful & Well Together:

5 Week Series

People working together in pursuit of greater health, well-being and happiness at work, play and home are powerful. 

This class will cover topics including:

  • Benefits of healthier lifestyle behaviors
  • Uncovering unmet needs
  • Designing a support network
  • Engaging in self-nurturing activities
  • Managing time and stress
  • Identifying high risk situations
  • Learning from setbacks

Each of the 5 sessions includes an opportunity to experience the journey of change within a supportive and safe environment led by trained and certified coaches and facilitators.

Please email to learn more about:

  • Small Group and Family Package
  • Workplace Wellness Package
  • Technical Training Options for Organizations Interested in Leading Change and Implementing Whole Person Initiatives

Contact our Seattle Regional Offices

Email: Health and Well-Being Coordinator


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Well Together: 5 week series

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