Baton Health ®

All Well, All Learn, All Thrive


Founded: 2015

Founder: Lisa Marquart


Areas of expertise: 
Well-Being Domains, Lifestyle Behaviors, Whole Child Initiatives PK-12, Behavior Change and Community Partnerships 

Company Profile

Recent Projects

Presenting to the Association of California Healthcare Districts
Our K12 Health and Well-being Coordinator traveled to Sacramento, California, to share our case study and advocate for employee wellness and parent wellness support as a measurable tool for positive impact on school culture

Delivering K12 Employee Well-Being and Health Improvement Support
One of our Stanford trained health coaches provided health index technical assistance aligned to School Improvement Plans and delivered tailored employee wellness support to faculty/staff in the state of Washington (private and public school settings)

Facilitating Self-Care Programs and Advocacy for Parents and Primary Caregivers
Groups of primary caregivers, educators and parents participated in lifestyle behavior change classes having direct impact on the learning, well-being and social connectivity of their homes and community

Teaching Population Health Curriculum and Mentoring High School Students
One of our teachers and CHW's drove an initiative to teach a public health advocacy curriculum for high school students to learn about the upstream or root causes of health and mentor students through health advocacy interests

What We’re Doing

Education, health and well-being are a mutually-reinforcing sisterhood. They go hand-in-hand in the drive to lift people out of disparities and give them an opportunity to develop their full human potential.

Join us in strengthening the sisterhood.

We have a simple mission focused on the Whole Person: Being courageous in our efforts to equip more people with the tools to live and learn well. We believe supporting healthy lifestyle behaviors, generationally and systematically, contributes to the global need for all people well, learning and thriving.