Baton Health ® - a leader in employee wellness and community health engagement. Partnering strategically to provide all people with greater access to evidence-based health improvement support, reducing the burden of chronic disease and creating more opportunity to flourish and thrive.  Particular commitment to educational and caregiving settings committed to Whole-Person initiatives. Connect with our home offices in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound Region by contacting our Chief Wellness Officer.

Participating in collaborative efforts committed to meaningful, human-centered, sustainable lifestyle change

Connecting people to evidence-based health improvement support and whole health coaching

Baton Health® - Healthier People Thriving, Together 


Chronic Disease Prevention


  • Comprehensive Health Coaching and Lifestyle Behavior Change
    • Employee Wellness (Speciality - Educators and Caregivers)
    • Individual and Group Coaching
    • Integrated Partnerships
  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition
    • Edible School Yard Mentoring
    • ​Organizational Indexing Support and Consultation
    • ​Smart Snacks, Fresh Meals and Moving for Life
  • Weight Management Group Classes (Proven, Meaningful and Enjoyable)
    • ​The Foundation - Building a Solid Foundation for Longevity
    • Thriving Partners - Living Healthier Together
    • ​Onward - Maintaining Healthy Changes


  Ready to participate or learn more about bringing support to your organization or zip code?

  Contact: LiveWell, Baton Health ®

  Community Health Workers and Health Coaches: Let us help equip you and your community with tools to improve health within your zip code. 


Healthier People - Thriving Together

Delivering Evidence-Based Health Improvement Programming and Whole Health Coaching

Prevention of Chronic Diseases and Conditions

We love what we do. Baton Health®  is an approved provider of evidence-based health improvement programming partnering with organizations, public and private, communities and individuals to change normal by preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices. At Baton Health®, the artistry of living well and the need for change, pairs with our data-driven, cross-sectoral approach creating a meaningful and lasting experience that is trusted and effective. Why?  Because healthier people thrive in living, learning, praying, playing and tackling big ideas - and in this thriving, healthier people are changing normal, together.

​​​​​Healthier People - Thriving Together

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