"When you facilitated a wellness group at our school, I developed some long term goals within a very congenial group. I recently had some long-needed surgery done that allows my lungs to work as they should, and shed many pounds of accreted home cooking in the process. My family is incredibly supportive, but one of the seeds of action was planted in that group of exhausted teachers after school in the staff room.

…just wanted to say thanks!"


Supporting and promoting healthy lifestyle and disease prevention behaviors. Speciality in health coaching, behavior change, Whole-School Whole-Community Whole Child (WSCC), community health indexing, and technical training.

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We are focused and committed to promoting health, well-being, and chronic disease prevention for all. Our health services, commitment to novel community partnerships, and Whole Child knowledge, helps equip and empower groups of people to live healthier and happier lives.

​Powerful & Well Together

Healthier living in a changing world - Pass it On.

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“I always wanted to impact the lives of young people. But I reached a point of feeling tired and overwhelmed in the profession and considered leaving the teaching I love. The employee support Baton provided helped me renew my sense of joy while I restored balance between my lifestyle choices and sense of purpose. Being supported by Baton within my school environment and culture has been priceless and just what I needed at just the right time.

I'm still teaching and I love it.."


  • Remote Lifestyle Supports and Digital Solutions
  • Health Care Presentations 
  • Self-Care & Caregiver Wellness -- King and Snohomish County, WA
  • Thriving Learners PopUps
  • Health Coaching
  • Well-Being & Self-Care PopUps 
  • Professional Development, Technical Training, SIP & Health Indexing Assistance

Unlocking human capacity and equipping groups of people with the tools to live healthier and happier lives free from the burdens of chronic disease while improving access to to healthy living and learning across life stages.

We support the Global School Health Statement and advocate for educational and health equity.

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​Supporter of the Global School Health Statement


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