Baton Health ® is a licensed provider of Stanford Health Behavior Change Programming, member of the International School Health Network and Official Supporter of Global Health Initiatives addressing the Whole Child. We believe in improving the world by providing evidence-based support that inspires people to seek out knowledge, to ask questions, and to connect with others in the attempt to live health and well as individuals and community. Particular commitment to educational and caregiving settings committed to Whole-Person initiatives.

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All People Healthy, Well and Thriving

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Partnering to Support the Vision of All People Healthy, Well and Thriving




  • Health and Well-Being Behavior Change Training for Educators and Other Agents of Change
  • Health Education - K12 Licensed and Certified Speciality 
    • Physical Education 
    • Health Education
    • Community and Population Health
  • Whole Health Coaching, Lifestyle Behavior Change and Employee Wellness Support
    • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
    • From Thinking to Doing to Sustaining -- (Licensed Provider of Stanford Medicine Series)
    • Weight Management Support
  • School Employee Wellness Policy Consulting - Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model
  • School Health Indexing (SHI) and Community Healthy Living Indexing (CHLI)

Community and Professional Development Support

  • Community Brown-Bag: Connect with others and participate in meaningful training, conversation and action planning specific to well-being, leading change and implementing the WSCC Model in your community.
  • Equip: Practical health behavior change and lifestyle behavior tools for teachers, coaches, community health workers, and parents/primary care-givers. 


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“I have a lot to live for and a lot of change I'd like to see in this world. The support I receive from Baton is helping me reach my health goals so I can live more into my purpose. Baton is a good fit for people like me who see health and well-being as having a lot to do with the reason we live and why we want to be around longer."

- K12 Teacher, Client

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