Baton Health ® - a leader in health improvement. Partnering strategically to provide all people with greater access to evidence-based health improvement support, reducing the burden of chronic disease and creating more opportunity to flourish and thrive.  Particular commitment to educational and caregiving settings committed to Whole-Person initiatives. Connect with our home offices in the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound Region by contacting our Chief Wellness Officer.

Health and well-being are valuable assets


Healthier People - Thriving Together

Building Human Capital through Improving Well-Being




  • Comprehensive Wellness Support
    • Health Assessments
    • Health Education
    • Whole Health Coaching and Behavior Change Programming
      • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
      • Stress Less, Move More and Thrive
      • Comprehensive Lifestyle Weight Management Support
  • Integrated Medical and Community Health Worker Partnerships
  • Organizational Health Indexing -- measurement and support
  • Wellness Policy Consulting - Emphasis Whole Child Initiatives and Policies

Professional Development Support

  • Community Brown-Bag: Enjoy a meal while connecting with others and participating in meaningful conversation specific to well-being and leading change.
  • Equip: Practical health behavior change and lifestyle tools for teachers, community health workers, and coaches ready to engage their community and next-generation in living healthier lives. 


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  Together, improving the health of all people!

​​​​​Healthier People - Thriving Together

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