​​​Healthier People - Thriving Together

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Healthier People - Thriving Together

​​​We love what we do. Baton Health is an approved provider of evidence-based health improvement programming partnering with organizations, public and private, communities and individuals to change normal by preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices. At Baton Health, the artistry of living well and the need for change, pairs with our data-driven, cross-sectoral approach to create a meaningful and lasting experience that is trusted and effective. Why?  Because healthier people thrive in living, learning, praying, playing and tackling big ideas together - and in this thriving, healthier people are changing normal, together.

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 Building - Connecting - Creating

Learn more about the artistry and science of our people-centered, cost-effective and health-effective services for improving well-being:

  • Health Services (Speciality K12 and Weight Management):
    • Community and Organizational Health Indexing
    • Employee Wellness
    • Integrated Partnerships
    • Whole-Health Behavior Change Coaching
  • Physical Activity, Health and Fitness Education
  • Parent/Primary Caregiver Engagement and Health Promotion