Well Together

 5 week series

This 5-part evidence-based lifestyle behavior class is meant to harness the power of people working together in pursuit of greater health, well-being and happiness at work, play and home.

Spring 2019

Well Students - High School thru College Seminar

All Well

13 July 2017

California Wellness Summit

It’s important to us to be as clear about what we do as the people-centered  services we provide. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that are changing lives.

March 2019

Well Parents & Primary Caregivers, EHK12

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​Supporter of the Global School Health Statement

The Lives We Impact


The greater you care - the greater your impact. Across the life experience, health and well-being connect us with our behaviors passing from one generation or group to the next. With insatiable passion and commitment, we meet you in your space of change, helping you on your journey to unlocking your human potential for thriving.

"When you facilitated a wellness group at our school, I developed some long term goals within a very congenial group. I recently had some long-needed surgery done that allows my lungs to work as they should, and shed many pounds of accreted home cooking in the process. My family is incredibly supportive, but one of the seeds of action was planted in that group of exhausted teachers after school in the staff room.

…just wanted to say thanks!"


We are focused and committed to ensuring and promoting the health and well-being of all people throughout the life course. To realize this vision of all well, we collaborate in equipping people in the role of caregiver or teacher with the world's best lifestyle behavior and chronic disease prevention tools and support. 

“I always wanted to impact the lives of young people. But I reached a point of feeling tired and overwhelmed in the profession and considered leaving the teaching I love. The employee support Baton provided helped me renew my sense of joy while I restored balance between my lifestyle choices and sense of purpose. Being supported by Baton within my school environment and culture has been priceless and just what I needed at just the right time.

I'm still teaching and I love it.."


Featured Class


Our Mission

  • Workplace, Family and Community Health and Well-Being
  • Health Indexing Assistance 
  • Well-Being and Lifestyle Behaviors
  • Healthy and Well Teachers
  • Youth as Public Health Advocates
  • Healthy and Well Women 4 Healthy and Well Families