"When you facilitated a wellness group at our school, I developed some long term goals within a very congenial group. I recently had some long-needed surgery done that allows my lungs to work as they should, and shed many pounds of accreted home cooking in the process. My family is incredibly supportive, but one of the seeds of action was planted in that group of exhausted teachers after school in the staff room.

…just wanted to say thanks!"


We are focused and committed to ensuring and promoting the health and well-being of all people throughout the life course. To realize this vision of all well, we collaborate with school communities, both privately and publicly, to equip groups of people with the world's best behavior change and lifestyle behavior tools.

All Well


Our Mission

Across the life experience, how we live, change, and connect, impacts future generations. We believe healthier adults, choosing to embrace and value healthy living, are an untapped resource for future generations. This is why we are an international supporter and advocate of teacher well-being and the whole child.


Featured Class

Well Students - High School thru College Seminar (Select K12 seminar)

“I always wanted to impact the lives of young people. But I reached a point of feeling tired and overwhelmed in the profession and considered leaving the teaching I love. The employee support Baton provided helped me renew my sense of joy while I restored balance between my lifestyle choices and sense of purpose. Being supported by Baton within my school environment and culture has been priceless and just what I needed at just the right time.

I'm still teaching and I love it.."


The Lives We Impact

This list details a majority of our recent initiatives. Meeting people in their place of meaning allows us to partner in unlocking a new and powerful type of change agent - well people, wherever called.

Powerful & Well Together

 5 weeks

Leading change starts with you. Harness the power of people working and changing together to pursue greater self-care for a better world. 

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​Supporter of the Global School Health Statement

Self-Care for Parents & Primary Caregivers, EHK12

  • Health Coaching to Optimize Work and Home; School Employees & Primary Caregivers
  • Well-Being & Self-Care PopUps 
  • Whole Child & the WSCC Model: Professional Development, Technical Training, SIP & Health Indexing Assistance